Let’s Chalk About It

Let’s start with a bit about me.

I’ve always had a passion for sports, health, and a bit of a competitive streak. I started attempting to lift at 13 with a friend at his house or in my garage.  I wrestled in high school, but I was the scrawny kid who couldn’t get bigger. I weighed a soaking wet 160 lbs.

I started lifting with a friend during my college years and put on some size (not all good size). We tried all kinds of diets and workouts and took all kinds of different advice from sources we thought were reputable. We tried supplements galore and almost any weird workout we heard of. We even looked into parkour. I can say with certainty now our focus was on lifting as much weight as we could and we most certainly needed to work on form.

After school and college I became a road warrior for a fortune 500 company – traveling for work included eating on the run mostly consisting of fast food, Olive Garden, and lots and lots of iced coffee. All this while living out of a rental car and suitcases – not even close to healthy living. It was even worse than a sedentary cubical job. I reached a low point at 268 lbs and over 30% body fat.  I needed to make a change as the negative effects of just being unhealthy and unhappy with me were draining both physically and emotionally.

I decided to get focused, motivated, and dedicated to becoming the best version of me I could. So I started going to the gym and changing my eating habits. In the course of 9 months I dropped 90 pounds to about 179 lbs. I did this through setting milestone goals and never thought I would see a number below 200 again. I just kept my vision and goals in mind consistently.

Since reaching my lowest “adult” life weight goals are still important to me. I have been working on building up my body in a much more constructive and healthy way. I have body goals in addition to lifting goals and endurance goals. Setting these goals are the easy part, it’s making them a reality that’s tough. I’m currently keeping track of these here.

Now I can say I’m 230 lbs and less than 17% body fat, and I am consistently hitting new personal records in lifting.

Training yourself is a challenge but I’ve succeeded. Now I want to pass these lessons and successes on to my clients. I train with clients at every level of health and personal fitness. As a teacher, I’ve coached students and trained Varsity and Jr. Varsity athletes, and worked with parents and their children to help them reach their goals.